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Cultural history

Travel to the past in Puu-Juuka

Puu-Juuka is the old centre of the Juuan church village and a fine example of a lost building tradition - its original appearance is what makes the centre of the church village unique. The area is located in a triangle between the river Juuanjoki and the highway.

Juuka´s Church Village was already a village along the river Juuanjoki in the 1500s. Towards the end of the 19th century, people started to build along the road and establish trading establishments.

The oldest surviving buildings in the area date from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, while the youngest date from the 1960s. The buildings are residential, residential apartment buildings and public buildings. There are also interesting details in the houses of Puu-Juua: some houses have frontons, decorative window frames and eaves brackets. The cultural and historical value of the environment is therefore the sum of all the buildings.

The area of Puu-Juuka also includes the Myllymuseum, Herralankoski Park with its carpet washing facilities, the old Vikilä Art Houses, the Puuhelmi kindergarten, the Civic College, the Workers’ House, the Skilled Crafts Manor with its many entrepreneurs, the Juuka Inn and many other attractions.

Driving time from the village of Koli is about 30 minutes.


Contact information

Vanhatie, 83900 Juuka

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