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Military history
Rukajärvi Road

Legendary battle road

Rukajärvi Road (Rukajärven tie in Finnish) was a significant military logistics road in Finland’s Continuation War (1941–1944). The road starts at the railway station in Lieksa centre and continues through Pankajärvi and Nurmijärvi to Kivivaara. The road with its memorials and restored fortifications is a profound experience. This is where the last battles between Finland and Soviet Union were fought; visiting it brings the history of the war and the 20 000 soldiers who fought here alive.

Stories of the war in exhibitions

The entire Rukajärvi Road is approximately 230 km long, from Lieksa to Rukajärvi on the Russian side of the border. 44 km stretch is in Lieksa area. There are information boards along the road and at “Jukolan motti” there is a wooden grill hut for visitors with a photography exhibition and fireplace. “Jukolan motti” was a wartime logistics and training centre. In Seurala in Nurmijärvi there is also a photo exhibition about the Rukajärvi Road.

Contact information

Rukajärvi-keskus: Asema-aukio 2, 81700 Lieksa (Rautatieasema)

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