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Ruunaa Hiking Area

Haapavitjan riippusilta sumuisena syysaamuna Ruunaan retkeilyalueella.

Wild white waters and fun for the family.

The trails in Ruunaa Hiking Area are a dream come true to hikers and mountain bikers. Water, sky and iconic forests meet here on the diverse routes on the Eastern frontier of Koli and Lieksa area. A perfect destination for an easy hike with a family, and many rapids of the area are withing an easy hike for relaxation or for fishing.

Nainen pyöräilee talvella aurinkoisessa säässä.
Ilmakuva Lieksanjoen koskimaisemasta syksyllä.
Murrookosken laavu Ruunaan retkeilyalueella joen vieressä. Pariskunta paistaa makkaraa nuotiolla.
Ilmakuva Lieksanjoesta syksyllä.
Mies perhokalastaa joella Lieksassa.
Haapavitjan riippusilta sumuisena syysaamuna Ruunaan retkeilyalueella.

Accessible Ruunaa Hiking Area

The accessible services of the area are available all year round. Marked trails, maintained campfire sites and other services welcome all visitors. There are also excellent trails for mountain bikers. Information about the area is available at Ruunaa Outdoor Centre, where you can get tips for planning a perfect visit in Ruunaa.

Vuokrapyörät rivissä mäntymetsässä.

Ruunaa is an excellent mountain biking destination. You can take the Karhunpolku Mountain Biking Trail at Ruunaa towards Jongunjoki or towards Patvinsuo National Park. The Koskikierros Trail offers challenges even for an experienced mountain biker: the demanding trail has rocks and roots and hills and sharp turns increase the challenge.

Please not that the duckboards and other facilities are under constructions, but the trail is open.

Whitewater rafting on a wooden boat or a raft steered by an experienced guide is an unforgettable and thrilling experience.

Neitikosken esteetö

Along the accessible trail at Neitikoski you can get close to the rapids by walking, with a wheel chair or push chair. There is also an accessible restaurant and accommodation in the area.

Nuori koski

A fishing holiday at Ruunaa Rapids is on the wish list of many anglers. The peaceful and clean environment is calming for the mind.

Contact information

Neitikoskentie 47, 81750 Pankakoski

020 639 5654

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Ruunaa Hiking Area

Transport services to the hiking trails of Lieksa

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