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There are many different ways to get to us

The Koli tourist area is located an hour away from Joensuu railway station and airport. The easiest way to reach us is by car, as there are many attractions in the area that benefit from having your own vehicle or other means of transportation. Nevertheless, it’s easy to access the area by other means as well.

Arrival to Koli
We are not so far.
Are you ready for your journey?

By car

Fast and easy. Travel at your own pace and explore the area without schedules. We are only one stop for a coffee break or charging away.


Koli & Lieksa

184 km ( 2 h 14 min )


Koli & Lieksa

329 km ( 4 h 2 min )


Koli & Lieksa

332 km ( 4 h 15 min )


Koli & Lieksa

477 km ( 5 h 53 min )


Koli & Lieksa

528 km ( 6 h 15 min )

By train

Train travel is eco-friendly and affordable. Lieksa can be reached with a couple of changes and you can easily take your bikes and other items with you. For more information, go to



6 h 16 min, 1 vaihto



7 h 28 min, 2 vaihtoa



7 h 41 min, 2 vaihtoa



11 h 30 min, 2 vaihtoa

By plane

Flying is the fastest way to get to Koli and Lieksa. Closest airports are in Joensuu, Kajaani and Kuopio.



1 h 00 min



1 h 5 min



1 h 25 min

Joensuu – Koli taxi and chartered rides

Book your transportation in advance so the driver and the car will meet you, for example, at Joensuu airport or train station, or pick you up from your accommodation in Joensuu.

Kolin taksipalvelu Oy, , +358 207 414 391,

By bus from Joensuu or Nurmes to Koli

There is a bus connection from Joensuu or Nurmes to Kolinportti (by highway nro 6) and onwards to Koli village from Monday to Friday. From Kolinportti there is a transfer with a smaller taxi/bus to Koli. Check the timetables at Matkahuolto webpages. For the timetable  to Koli village search for “Koli kylä”, for timetable to Break Sokos Hotel Koli search for “Hotel Koli (Lieksa)” and for Loma-Koli search for “Loma-Koli.” When leaving from Koli, the bus is waiting at the bus stop in Koli village (near Sale shop, after a small bridge in the direction of Ahmovaara). If you leave from Break Sokos Hotel Koli or Loma-Koli, you have to order the transport the latest the day before by calling tel.  +358 207 414 392.

Joensuu–Kolinportti–Koli from Monday to Friday

Joensuu 15:10
Kontiolahti 15:40
Kolinportti 16:15 (transfer)
Koli village 16:30
Break Sokos Hotel Koli 16:40T
Loma-Koli 16:50T

Koli–Kolinportti–Joensuu from Monday to Friday

Loma-Koli 8:30T
Break Sokos Hotel Koli 8:40T
Koli village 8:50
Kolinportti 9:05 transfer 9.10
Kontiolahti 9:45
Joensuu 10:10

Nurmes–Kolinportti–Koli from Monday to Friday

Nurmes 7:50
Juuka 8:50
Kolinportti 9:10 (transfer)
Koli village 9:25
Break Sokos Hotel Koli 9:35T
Loma-Koli 9:45T

Koli–Kolinportti–Nurmes from Monday to Friday

Loma-Koli 15:35T
Break Sokos Hotel Koli 15:45T
Koli village 15:55
Kolinportti 16:10 transfer 16:15
Juuka 16:40
Nurmes 17:30

T = if needed

The connections to Koli from Joensuu and Nurmes have transfers at Kolinportti. The route between Kolinportti and Koli is driven according to the timetable.
The departure and arrival time at Loma-Koli and Break Sokos Hotel Koli are estimates and can change according to the number of passengers. The transport from Loma-Koli or hotel should be ordered in advance.

Ordering the transport:
You should order the transport latest by 18:00 the day before. The operator is Kolin Tilausajopalvelu Oy, tel.  +358 207 414 392.

Carpool from Koli to Juuka or Lieksa and between Ruunaa and Lieksa

Koli–Juuka and back, on Tuesdays

Departure from Koli at about 9.15, return from Juuka at about 12
Tel: +358 403 560 940

Koli–Lieksa and back, on Wednesdays

Departure from Koli at about 9 am, return from Lieksa at about 1 pm
Tel: +358 403 560 940

Ruunaa–Lieksa and back, on Mondays

Departure from the village at about 7.15, departure from the center from 11 to 11.30.
Tel: +358 405 309 147

How to order a tour:
1. Check the map (“Kimppakyytikartat”) at which area you need a ride from.
2. Find the driving date and order phone number in the list.
3. Order the ride by calling the previous day.
4. When ordering, agree on the estimated pick-up time and state your starting point.
5. Take with you the means of payment and a discount certificate (if you have one) for the ticket.
6. Payment methods: debit card, cash.

Train to Joensuu or Vuonislahti

At best, the train from Helsinki to Joensuu makes the journey in just over four hours. You can find the train timetables on VR’s web pages. The train can also take you to Vuonislahti village, on the eastern shore of lake Pielinen, straight across from Koli. When the ice road between Koli and Vuonislahti is in use during winter, the taxi ride from Vuonislahti station to Koli village is only about 10 kilometres.

During the summer season, there are also cruises and other boat connections between Koli and Vuonislahti.

By plane to Joensuu or Kuopio

The closest airports to Koli are in Joensuu and Kuopio. You can catch several flights every day from Helsinki to Joensuu and Kuopio. Flight time from Helsinki to both destinations is about one hour. The easiest way to get to Koli from the Joensuu airport is carpooling or a charter taxi, where the driver will come to pick you up at the airport with a sign that reads Koli. The easiest way to get to Koli from the Joensuu airport is carpooling. You can also rent a car at the airport. Car rentals at the Joensuu airport and the Kuopio airport.

Flight schedules

Check the flight schedules from Finnair’s route timetables.