Kolin alueen tapahtumia

Lähellä Kolia ja vähän kauempanakin

Shamanism & Dance Spring Retreat

Dance your soul free * Empower yourself in ritual *
in the majestic landscapes of Koli National Park

with Helena Karhu and Marianne Ruhanen

Warm welcome to enjoy the ripening of the spring time together in one of the most beautiful places of Finland, Koli National Park! The oldest bedrock of the whole European continent, the crystal mountain, is our base, as we nurture the core of our being, relax, and have fun together.

This spring retreat has two components, which support and liberate each other. The two wings of our retreat bird are Dancing and Shamanic practice.

The shamanic practice will include both ritual arts, ceremony, and healing empowerments for the purpose of self-love, ultimate well-being, and connecting to our life purpose. We will learn, experience, and enjoy variety of practices, that you can sustainably take back home, and use on your further life path. The central axis of this experience is the shamanic medicine table/ alter ground, and you will learn further the elemental forces within such practice. The spirits of nature of Koli are our delightful companions on the path, as we dance our way through the spring time. Do you feel the smile already, as you self-discover the essence of your beautiful life?

The most wonderful method to enhance this life experience, is the movement and joy of the dance. Marianne has selected the most inspiring practices and music pieces to take us to the next level, wether we still carry any limitation or energetic blockage in our bodies, minds, or emotions. Marianne incorporates the nature of Koli in the practices, and this brings us ever more connected to the power and spirits of Koli.

The liberated dancing spirit-bodies will be our vessels to connect with life in shamanic ceremony in new and ancient ways. We appreciate the magnificent and protected environment of Koli National Park with its diversity of nature spirits. It is a true privilege to be here, now.

This spring retreat promises a liberated state of being. Come and have fun!

As the retreat guide serves Helena Karhu, a shamanic practitioner, teacher, healer, and a mother of 6-year old twins. Helena is currently writing a Ph.D. research on Cultural Anthropology on the female Nordic shamans and their visionary seeing. Helenas life project is Karhun Talo (House of the Bear), Center of Shamanism and Folk Healing, She has strong passion to bring forth the true essence of Koli as the shamanic power place of Finland, and the true Spirit of Koli.

Helena’s main teacher is a Peruvian shaman don Oscar Miro-Quesada, who has taught Helena advanced studies in shamanic healing arts, alchemy, and magic. Helena has deep roots in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practice, and likes to incorporate the Tibetan practices into her Nordic heritage along with the Peruvian wisdom traditions. Helena’s passion is to bring forth the light-increasing, co-operative, and empowering aspects of the shamanic practice, where everyone can rest as they are, yet have freedom to become who they are.

Half ot the retreat will be tought by the dance teacher Marianne Ruhanen, who is also the entrepreneur of our retreat house Kolin Keidas. Marianne is professional dancer, who has received her education of dance and somatic studies at ISLO. Marianne will lead us through dance workshops. This will be our portal for intuitive dancing, where you don’t need earlier experience. If you happen to have any blockages for dancing, this will be the golden opportunity to get our body, mind, and soul in dancing times.

Retreat location:
Our retreat guest house Kolin Keidas is the old farmhouse of Mattila, which is located just by the peaks of Koli mountain. Mattila is one of the oldest farmsteads of Koli since 1750s. The idyllic guesthouse and course center is based on ecological principles. Kolin Keidas offers our group a beautiful, peaceful, and natural place of retreating. Koli is perhaps the greatest natural power place of Finland, and full of natural pearls which are great for our work with the spirits of nature. More information about the guesthouse: www.kolinkeidas.com

Is this retreat for me?
The retreat is for everyone. Also youngsters above 10 years old are welcome to join with a parent. The retreat time is alcohol- and drug-free.

Price and signing-up:

The retreat fee 495 EUR (incl VAT), includes the program and accommodation in a shared room with full-board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The meals will be vegetarian. You can pre-registrate by sending your name, phone number, e-mail address and info about possible allergies to info@karhuntalo.com

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  • 26.04.2019-01.05.2019
Kolin Keidas, Ylä-Kolintie 12 B, Koli
Hinta: 495 €

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