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4/19/2021 - 4/20/2021


Koli Freetime is situated at the foot of Koli, in the middle of beautiful North Karelia.We offer you accommodation in cottages, rooms and apartments, all-the-year-round camping site services as well as lots of space and things to do for camps, meetings and family celebrations.

We offer you rooms, apartments and cottages of different sizes. We have alternatives for cottage accommodation ranging from a nostalgic cottage of olden times (Mummonmokki) to a modern well-equipped one (Valkovuokko) with enough room for a larger group of people.

In Päätalo, the main house, we have separate rooms for 1-4 persons. In Pihatalo, the courtyard house, there are camping apartments for 1-5 persons and a big one up to 15 persons. Our Rantatalo, lakeside house, can accommodate a group of up to 20 persons.

All of these places close to the lake enjoy services of our area. The number of beds is 90.

No matter where you are staying, the child friendly beach on the clean lake (a hole through the ice is made in winter) is available for you as well as a barbecue shelter and campfire sites, washing facilities¸ a café and the other services of the area. Saunas are heated up every evening (women at 6 p.m. and men at 7 p.m.).

You will find us at the foot of Koli, close to main road 6, 52 km from Joensuu.

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