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Koli tourist information and Koli Nature Centre Ukko

Koli Tourist INFOrmation

Kolintie 94 A, Koli village
83960 Koli
+358 451 387 429,
Instagram: showyourkoli

• Tourist information
• Sales of maps, cards, cruises and accommodation
• Souvenir shop, Koli-souvenirs and local handicrafts

Tourist information and shop open: Fridays 12-17, Saturdays 10-16. On the rest of the week we help via phone and email, so contact us if you have questions regarding your stay in Koli!

Koli tourism information is provided by Kolin Matkailu Oy.


sales department

Ms Elina Voitila, /, +358 505 533 023.

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Koli nature centre ukko / Retkipaikka

Ylä-Kolintie 39
83960 Koli
+358 40 773 2442,

• Hiking information, information about Koli National Park and other protected areas in North Karelia
• Souvernir shop
• Rentals, e.g. hiking gear, snowshoes
• Reservations and information about rental huts in Koli National Park
• Conference and meeting facilities and services

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