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National landscape of Koli

It's the essence of Finnishness. It's a feeling that can only be experienced in person.

The most famous and beloved national landscape of Finland unfolds from the highest peaks of Koli National Park. You can enjoy the iconic scenery of Lake pielinen with endless skies and forests from the heart of Koli National Park on the 1,4-kilometer Huippujen kierros (Summit Trail). The trail passes through the highest peaks of Koli, including Ukko-Koli, Akka-Koli, and Paha-Koli. The same trail leads to the highest point in southern Finland and the oldest soil in Europe, and tells the story of our planet’s development over millions of years.

How to conquer Ukko-Koli and witness the famous national landscape?

In summer, there are several ways to reach Ukko-Koli and witness the famous national landscape:

  • By foot from Koli village: The Village Trail begins at the church parking lot, located at Ylä-Kolintie 4. This well-marked 3 km path is indicated by blue circle sign at intersections, leading you to the summit.
  • By foot from Koli Harbor: The trail starting near the Harbor Restaurant is one of Finland’s oldest nature paths. This 2,1 km route is mostly uphill, so make sure to wear appropriate footwear and carry water. The path is marked with violet circle signs along the way.
  • With the Scenic Lift: The lower station of the lift is located at Rantatie 27, and there is a parking area for those arriving by car at the same address. You can purchase tickets at Rinnetupa, located at the same address, or online from the KoliStore online shop. The Scenic Lift takes you to the upper yard of Break Sokos Hotel Koli, allowing you to ascend to the summit via stairs or hiking trails.
  • By car: Drive 3 km on Ylä-Kolintie from Koli village until you reach a parking area on the right side of the road. From the parking area, walk 100m to the funicular railway, which takes you to the upper yard. Stairs and a trail leading to the Ukko-Koli viewpoints start from the yard of Break Sokos Hotel Koli and the Nature Center Ukko.

In winter, you can access the viewpoints either by car or by walking the Village Trail from Koli village. Note that the Village Trail is not maintained in winter, but it is often packed down and doable even during snowy periods. We recommend renting snowhoes to make sure you are good to go even with snow!

Watch live images from Ukko-Koli:
View from Break Sokos Hotel Koli.