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A treasure chest of clear waters for fishermen.

Koli is situated on the shores of Lake Pielinen, 90 000 hectares of fishing dreams come true. Among others, there are salmon, zander, perch, pike, bream and vendace. Hook-and-line fishing are included in what are called ‘everyman’s rights’, and involve no payments or licences; but there are restrictions on where these rights apply. In the winter time ice-fishing is very popular, and there are no licences needed for hook-and-line angling. Read more about Pielinen Finnish Federation for Recreational Fishing.

Fishing spots in the area


Lake Pielinen, the fourth largest lake in Finland, is a versatile and wilderness-like lake. Pielinen in perfect for, for example, trolling and in the winter for winter net fishing. Native fish species in Lake Pielinen are perch, pikeperch, pike, common whitefish and grayling. Planted species include salmon, brown trout and arctic char.
Fishing permits for Lake Pielinen

Iso Karhu

At Iso-Karhu Lake in Juuka, you can fish on a wilderness lake that offers great fishing for casters, fly-fishermen and traditional worm fishing enthusiasts. The lake is stocked with rainbow trout and a natural fish population of perch and pike. The fishing site is located 15 km west of Juuka, in the Maaselkä ridge area. The area consists of the 20 hectare Iso-Karhu lake, surrounded by hilly forest in Upper Karelia. The shores of the lake are deserted, with some casting areas cleared for shore fishermen. You’ll get a real wilderness fishing experience as you walk the shores with a fishing rod. Cabin accommodation also available!

Iso-Karhu is a private lake leased by Iso-Karhu Wildlife Services, and fishing is only allowed with their permission. No other permits are allowed to fish on Iso-Karhu. You can bring your own rowing boat to the lake for an additional fee of €5 per boat. The use of electric motors is prohibited.

Driving directions to Iso-Karhu: From the centre of Juuka about 5 km in the direction of Juankoski, then right on Maaseläntie for 10 km.

Ruunaa Rapids

Ruunaa Rapids offer thrilling fishing experiences along the fast-flowing waters. What could be better than an evening by a campfire, enjoying freshly caught fish. Besides fishing, you can also go white-water rafting and hiking along the versatile routes in Ruunaa.

Ruunaa is suitable for both beginners and experts, there is plenty of space for everybody, or you can enjoy your other outdoor hobbies with your friends or family. At Neitikoski there is an accessible route, which enables wheelchair users and families with pushchairs to go fishing an up close to the rapids. Read more about fishing at Ruunaa Rapids and permits at
Fishing permits for Ruunaa

Guided tours and rental equipment for the waters

Fishing licences

For other types of fishing such as use of lures, flies, nets and so on, a licence is necessary. It’s best to ask locally about the current regulations, and ask about exceptions if you’re under 18 years or over 65. The nationwide fishing management fee costs € 47 per year, € 16 per week or € 6/day. In addition you need a local fishing permit. The nationwide fee can be purchased on the Internet, more detailed information at

Fishing permits for Lake Pielinen can be purchased from:  Sale Koli, tel. +358 (0)10 762 3300 (only area-specific fishing permits, no state fishing permits) , ABC service station, Nurmes tel. +358 (0)10 763 7562, Konesola, Kirkkokatu 16, Nurmes tel. +358 13 480 180.

Everyman’s rights

In Finland we all, both residents and visitors, have a right to enjoy nature and at the same time we have a responsibility take of it. Everyman’s right determines what you can and cannot do. In additions, protected areas have rules and regulations which you should check out in advance.