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Fascinated by snow

Fun. Easy. Suitable for everyone. The gem of winter sports. That’s snowshoeing. This easy activity is perfect for exercise or leisurely outings. You get the most out of a snowshoe hike by creating your own trail through the snowy forest. Koli is particularly well-suited for snowshoeing. With its elevation differences, thick snow cover, and often rewarding snow-covered landscapes, Koli provides excellent terrain for snowshoeing. Snowshoeing is indeed one of the most popular activities during the winter in Koli. Larger groups also visit, so sometimes nearly a hundred people can be out snowshoeing at the same time.

Traditional snowshoes are suitable for even the steeper peaks of Koli, but traction snowshoes are better suited for gentler terrains. Good destinations for traction snowshoes include Räsävaara, the hills of Loma-Koli, or the southern hills of Koli National Park. Traction snowshoes excel in effortlessly gliding on soft snow.

You don’t necessarily need your own snowshoes, as Koli’s equipment rental shops offer both snowshoes and poles, as well as traction snowshoes.

Snowshoeing trips and equipment rentals in Koli are provided by Retkipaikka, Polar Adventures and FeelKoli.

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Snowshoeing tracks in Koli
Koli peaks snowshoeing trail, a 1,5km circular trail

The Koli Peaks Snowshoeing Trail is a roughly 1.5 km long circular trail that is signposted with orange ribbons or red marks on trees. The trail can be hiked without a map. The Koli Peaks Snowshoeing Trail is designed for snowshoes only, and is good for beginners as well as more experienced hikers.

Maintained campfire sites are located in Vaaralanaho and Ikolanaho. Firewood can be purchased for the Prime Minister’s campfire site from Nature Centre Ukko.

More information: Koli Nature Centre Ukko, p. 040 773 2442, .

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