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Track between Vuonislahti and Koli

Ice skating is a enchanting way to enjoy the winter ice while gracefully moving amidst nature. You can experience the frozen surface of Lake Pielinen on the ice skating trail between Koli and Vuonislahti.

PLEASE NOTE! The skating track on lake Pielinen is not open in winter 2024.

Koli – Vuonislahti, a seven-kilometer ice skating trail

A skating trail will be built next to the Vuonislahti-Koli ice road, ice conditions permitting. The track will be seven kilometres long in one direction. The ice-skating trail will be kept open, weather permitting, as long as the ice road is open to traffic. After a snowstorm, for example, the track will be maintained as soon as the ice road is open. The ice rink is for the exclusive use of skaters, scooters and walkers, so no cars or other motorized vehicles are allowed on the rink.

Benches for changing skates have been provided for customers at both the Vuonislahti and Koli ends. There is also a bench about halfway along the track where you can take a break for a snack. When it comes to the ice skating trail, it should be remembered that it is natural ice and may be uneven.

The Vuonislahti harbour is at the end of the road Tolkintie, Vuonislahti. In Koli, the skating trail starts at Merilänranta. Driving directions: from the village of Koli, about 6 km in the direction of Loma-Koli, turn right to Merilänranta, address Hiekkaniementie 12, Koli.

The track is maintained by the City of Lieksa, for more information contact the Koli Tourist Information Centre.

Rental equipments

Euron Arena skating rink

In Koli, you can also skate near the village of Koli at the skating rink of the Koli Euron Arena (Koli Sports Centre, Ylä-Kolintie 10), which is located about one kilometre from the village of Koli.