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Ski trails and slopes. Online map of ski trails here. Slopes.  To the slopes here.

Ski trails

Ski trails on hills and ice

Koli's 80-kilometer ski trail net runs through varying terrain from the hills of Koli to the ice of Lake Pielinen. On the hilly ski trails, the skier can climb up to the view points. The longest continuous illuminated ski trail in Finland (25 km) runs from Koli Freetime through Koli village to Loma-Koli. The lights are on until 9 pm and to -22 ° C.

Ski Maps

You can follow the maintenance of ski trails with the Map in Real Time.    

In the printed map Ski trails and snowmobile routes you can find the ski trails, cafés and places for campfire. You can buy the map in the service points of the area. Buying this map, you support the maintenance of the ski trails in Koli.

The First Snow Ski Trail in Koli

The First Snow Skiing Track is the eight kilometer track from Kopravaara to the road Louhivaarantie crossing at the southern end of the Koli Illuminated Skiing Track. The track is located on a ridge 120–240 meters above sea level. The skiing track can be opened earlier for skiing than the other skiing tracks.

Rental equipment and ski school

Koli Ski School is one of the oldest ski schools in Finland. Instructors of the ski school will teach you not only alpine skiing, snowboarding and telemarking, but also cross-country skiing. Cross-country ski sets are available for rent at the Harbour Restaurant, service and at the Lower Station of Koli slopes. Lubrication services are available by pre-booking at

The most beautiful skiing events in Finland

Our excursion-type skiing events include the Ruunaan Koskihiihto (‘Ruunaa Rapids Skiing Event’), which takes place in the beginning of March alongside the beautiful rapids, the Pielisen jäähiihto (‘Lake Pielinen Ice Skiing Event’) on Pielinen ice also in the beginning of March, and the The Kolin Maisemahiihto scenic skiing event and Ahmanhiihto (‘Wolverine Skiing Event’) in February and March. The series of skiing events is completed with Pogostan hiihto (‘Pogosta Skiing Event’), which many consider the best mass skiing event in Finland.

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